Rujia Guest Series: Why Traveling is Good - Kai

geschrieben von Kai Chau am 07.07.2014

Rujia Guest Series: Why Traveling is Good - Kai

My name is Kai, an international student studying in USA, originally from China. I am an intern in Rujia Travel Service in Berlin, Germany. Today, I am writing to share why traveling has been a huge part of my life and how it has helped me in my college career.

It is not the tourist site. Don’t get me wrong, visiting those famous sites are great; it is probably one of the best engaging ways to learning about the country’s history. However, it is the interaction with local people that gives you more perspective on yourself and even life.

I stayed in Costa Rica and had many opportunities to meet with the locals. I adapted to a culture that was very laid back with good-nature jokes and long friendly hugs. I also stayed in Japan where I learned to behave in a very solemn and reserving manner. I almost had to bow and apologize for everything I did (not because I am misbehaving, for instance, it is considered common to apologize and bow if you need to go to rest room during a meal with friends). I even spent a long time in USA until I could genuinely laugh at the local jokes (trust me it takes time).

Despite having been adapted to different cultures, I have always see myself as a pure Asian, until I first went back to my hometown, Hong Kong, after a long time. I chatted with my parents and met up with my friends (most of them did not travel as much as I had). That time I started to wonder maybe I was not so similar to them anymore. There were things that they saw as conventional and must-do, whereas I saw as optional. There were problems that they saw as right or wrong cut-and-dry, whereas I saw there are many ambivalent issues beneath. There were things that they didn´t care, whereas I continued to be curious. It was as if I was losing my identity (personality wise), yet at the same time, I knew I had become more.

Experiencing all these cultures, I have learned not to judge and not to take things as it is. I had the opportunity to live in different cultures and to understand. The best thing about living from cultures to cultures is not the multicultural understanding itself, but the increasing comfortness, calmness and wit of coping with new, different things. It is a quality fostered from within.

Traveling also give me an edge in my college career. In many career fairs event, I was able to share my living experience in different countries. Employers see a student with mature travel experience as a potential employee who is adaptive, open-minded, objective and curious. And being objective and curious are huge. They lead you to a more detail understanding of your company’s different aspects, more comprehensive decision-makings, and challenging the old systems. They are the best characteristics a business leader could have.

We live in the 21st Century, where internet and convenient transportations are rapidly connecting us all. You have got to live it.

Kai C.
July 7th, 2014


Kai Chau is a senior student at Max M. Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University, USA. He has traveled to more than 20 countries and has always enjoyed the experiences. With his passion of traveling, he has applied for an internship in Rujia Travel Service here in Berlin, Germany, through an elite international program at his university. Kai is also happy to share more and offer his help for people who want to travel to USA and other countries. Please feel free to connect with him at chau.38[at]



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